Time to incorporate back my HIIT cardio. Tomorrow, I'll be trying something new along with back day ▫️ Want to burn calories then add some high intensity interval training to your cardio routine ▫️ Incline at 15%, Speed at 3.7 ▫️ 15 seconds running then 15 seconds break for 2 mins then break 1 min then do allll over again for 15 mins 😳 yes I know! Only 5 sets, you got this!! No more long boring cardio sessions. Make them count! I tried 10 sec running and 10 seconds break for my last set(tag your workout partner) ▫️ Need assistance? Email me: Fancy85fit@gmail.com ▫️ All #Fancys21Challenge for Tuesday's start date are being sent out tonight ▫️ Motivational speech called Discipline from album Fearless motivation #FancyFitVid#HIITCardio#wshhfitness ▫️ Comfy leggings are from @nyleggings 😊

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